someone who lacks common sense and intelligence
see also fucknut
That Billy Coakley is a Waterhead.
by spockdm2000 February 03, 2010
THe entire kennedy klan
although they are rich and don't have to play the same rule as the common people those kennedy'ies are inbread waterheads
by fizzywild November 15, 2003
another word for baby or small child, usually used as an insult..
that waterhead would not stop crying and their mom thought it was cute.
by Chaostrophy February 25, 2004
Somebody with a skinny body and a huge head.
Look at that kid over there with a big 'ol waterhead.
by Ralph Felix July 01, 2004
Somebody with a big ass head
Raz-B from B2k got a water head
by Toni Backstab June 24, 2003
Slang: term used to describe the bloated puffy face that people usually get from eating too much rice.
That filipino guy must eat alot of rice, check out his water head.
by therealwaterhead April 11, 2007
A crybaby. Someone who whines and cries alot.
"I hate babysitting that damn kid, he is such a water head."
"Stop crying boy! Quit actin like a water head!"
by sassysayra December 08, 2005

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