a blundering idiot. a dork who knows everything and still only makes 9 dollars an hour at age 34. a retard who guns it after every stop, every time no matter what. buys everything from a 7-11. has a beacon score of 2. never loses an argument.
joe is a complete undiluted waterhead in its purest form. an absolute dork.
by cudadog July 13, 2008
1. retard
2. a dumb person
hey did u see that waterhead.
by kelly derks June 10, 2006
An individual: who despite my best efforts, cannot understand how to do anything that I've already shown him how to do. This guy is a real problem for retail, because that's all he will ever try to do with his life, even if we offered him a perfectly good job as a flagpole - he would still insist on being a team player. On the upstroke, his head can also be used as a floatation device in the event of an emergency.
In 1586 John Dee and Sir Edward Kelley, threw suspected Waterheads into the Atlantic Ocean to see if they'd float... Most of them did.
A person who is very much less than intelligent and may border on retardation. A person who may be the offspring of an incestuous union, such as siblings or parent/child. The person may exhibit traits such as an enlarged head or eyes that are set too close together.
nimrod moron ditchdigger
Waterheads make me laugh because their eyes are so close together.
by undertheradar22 January 22, 2014
Definition: A Master Patrolman, without the mental capacity to ever do more in the working world than drive a police cruiser poorly. Usually loved by the public because they feel sorry for him The Master Patrolman usually thinks he is the best worker and is a ladies man. He drools a lot. He will try to get his nonretarded coworkers fired.

Waterheads really like coffee.
waterhead, situation, police, 26 years, she'gone
by the 3 wise men August 27, 2013
Any card carrying Union member.
Look at those SEIU waterheads on strike again.
by amram120 August 25, 2011
A person who has an extremely large forehead so much so that it appears to retaining water
Christina Ricci is pretty famous, for a Waterhead.
by Ron Weed September 10, 2010

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