A crybaby. Someone who whines and cries alot.
"I hate babysitting that damn kid, he is such a water head."
"Stop crying boy! Quit actin like a water head!"
by sassysayra December 08, 2005
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A person with mental health problems, ie downs syndrome, or retard for the lay person.
Hey why do all the water heads work at McDonalds; Someone stop this water head from humping my leg; that effing water head just pooped his pants.
by The Ceeg October 26, 2006
a retarded person without the mental capacity to ever do more in the working world than push shopping carts badly. usually loved by the managers cuz they feel sorry for him.
The waterhead usually thinks he is the best worker and that he has a really nice smile. He drools a lot. He will try to get his nonretarded coworkers fired.
Waterheads really like gatorade.
Waterhead needs push more that two carts at a time.
by Patrick Landrum July 22, 2004
someone who lacks common sense and intelligence

Otler lacks common sense so Makanuchi Kim called him a waterhead.

The waterhead came into ventrilo and did not say a word.
by WooWoo Brothers April 18, 2006
Originaly slang for someone who is Hydrocephalic , but which has now come to refer to any severe idiot or retarded individual.
Jones you mindless waterhead, how many times do I have to tell you not to stick the plastic bag over your head and play astronaut?!
by Stephen Daedalus June 10, 2007
a retard, or someone being retarded
Look at the short bus full of waterheads
by Meat Paddy April 28, 2003
Cant complete simple tasks or objectives without screwing them up and making things worse than they are.
Jonesy is such a waterhead
by M0nks July 30, 2006
A person who is very much less than intelligent and may border on retardation. A person who may be the offspring of an incestuous union, such as siblings or parent/child. The person may exhibit traits such as an enlarged head or eyes that are set too close together.
nimrod moron ditchdigger
Waterheads make me laugh because their eyes are so close together.
by undertheradar22 January 22, 2014

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