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N. - A term for the clitoris.
My research suggests that the slang term "water chestnut" for the clitoris has little to do its physical make up.
by Anna Kane June 05, 2009
It is when a couple enters a body of water, and the male repeatedly slaps his testicles against the partners chest until reaching completion.

*Note* While this act is not limited to heterosexual couples, at least one of the parties involved must possess a pair of testicles.
"No, I do not enjoy fellatio. I mush prefer doing the water chestnut."
by Channa59 October 02, 2011
Slang term for a white person, a cracker, honkey, a yankee.
"Yo dawg stop trippin, he's just a water chestnut anyway!"
by m32011 September 15, 2011
1. n - A food that is renounced for its bland taste and lack of flavour.

2. adj - Used to describe something particularly boring or insignificant.
1. Even though these water chestnuts don't have much of a flavour, I sure enjoy their crunchy texture!

2. Wyoming has the flavour of a water chestnut.
by SuperWill July 11, 2008
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