A dark demon race of other dimensional origin. Who travel to earth through dimensional portals Which open up below concrete.They then proceed to suck the much needed water through the concrete and back to their home dimension.
"Holy monkeys, those damn water goblins are stealing my god given ground water again!"
by dude_wheres_my_colon September 16, 2003
Top Definition
A race of other-dimensional goblins, who suck water through concrete. When this happens, a loud noise is heard.
Good God! The Water Goblins are stealing my water!
by Daniel McLaren June 27, 2003
a coward that drinks water excessively to compensate for their lifelessness; also a snitch that confines theirself away from society for obvious reasons.
that guy: what's poppin off with yur bitch ass?
water-goblin: ummmmmm, sippin on this H2O.
that guy: why you showin out?
water-goblin: stayin safe, you know how it is.
that guy: hit it up when you stop actin a water
by A- Killa Thrilla August 30, 2007
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