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A person who helps others, particularly in school or chemistry. Water Goblin Queens are in charge of naming the other mythical creatures, such as determining whether someone is an imp, sprite, fairy, or demon, etc. They are very helpful and very intelligent. A very high compliment.
Person 1: Ahh! I'm so lost with this chemistry!
Person 2: Oh, here *explains problem*
Person 1: I get it! You're very smart
Person 2: That is why I'm the Water Goblin Queen
by Impy! June 05, 2011
A person convinced that they are smarter than others, going as far as claiming that they rule over others, such as imps, or others.
Person 1: Wow, you think you're so smart.
Person 2: I am. That's why I'm the water goblin queen.
by Imps Are Better February 06, 2010

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