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While conversing with friends, an individual may use the phrase "watchyer back". Here's a definition on how to properly utilize this idiom.

Now, I used a thesaurus for that whole sentence. Now I'm not known for using big words so, someone might say "Uh Oh, Watchyer back Joey King!" Describing the way I layed that out.

You can put also put POI's after the phrase. Meaning that you may have an upcoming visit to that place very soon. For many of reasons including but not limited to; being extremely hungry, starving, famished, thirsty, etc...

The phrase is pretty much universal, using pretty much every noun there is in the dictionary behind it.

Its not supposed to sound like "Watch your back" because that just sounds like a mean threat. When in actuality you are just having fun! Here are some examples!
"Oh man, I am freagin starving! Watchyer back Big Mac!"

"Did you hear that nick said he could beat me in any shooting game? Haha Watchyer back Nick Collins!"

"That last bong rip straight chilled me out... Watchyer back Temperpedic!"
by KIND WORDS January 12, 2011
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