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A large residential shithole that is the king of slums in Southeast Washington D.C.. If you don’t live here you have business being here. If you get lost in the District and end up here you really fucked up. Washington Highlands is among the most violent neighborhoods in the District of Columbia. Approximately one third of the city's 181 homicides in 2007 occurred there. On January 2008, city officials discovered that Washington Highlands resident Banita Jacks had been living for months in her row house with the bodies of her four murdered children in advanced states of decomposition upstairs.
(Guy 1): Let's go to Barry Farm's n get some green.. We should goto tha Highlands and get a hooker.

(Guy 2): Im down with Barry Farms but.....Washington Highlands???? Are you fucking crazy?!?
by youngin joe July 06, 2008
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