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A redneck in washington hunts anything from chipmunk to deer to elk, chases after cougers shirtless with a pocket knife, can kill a 24 pack of beer and still drive fine, drives a 4x4, everything has to be camo, does that thang, dips everything from redman, husky to cope, calls his home up in the mountians, waves that confederate flag proudly, has a refridgerator, comcast tv for the hunting channel and fish smokers out by his shed to by the fire surrounded by stolen stone steps, slight country northwest accent, doesnt care what a girl thinks about dip, wakes up and takes a dip before his 8 am beer, finds sliding wood across a big dog kennel a entertaining game when drunk, knows lots of stupid jokes, doesnt mind pissing guys off when starting a fight and telling them there mought looks pretty, can finish a half gallon of whiskey by himself in one night, pulls amazingly hott girls that dig the redneck thing, has cowboy boots, has cowboy hats, cuts all the sleeves of every type of shirt he owns, has the window down in the truck in every warm and cold month of the year, has more knifes than any one man should have and always has fun and never backs down from a punks trying to fight
a Washington Redneck would know every part of the definition is all true and been done
by ezlivn89 October 16, 2008
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