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Loves to read! nice at times. she's a pretty Muslim and loves the holly Quran <3. She needs to shut up at times and is VERY SMART. she's loved by everyone!! shy at times. wears hijab ( scarf covering her head) in school. can't get enough of her. she's smart, cool, outgoing, nice. But sometimes she could be a follower like pactrick star, put don't worry she's awesome
by lalalolo123 December 13, 2010
Warsan (Arabic: ورسان‎) is a locality in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Warsan is an industrial neighbourhood of Dubai, bordering Al Warqaa to the north and Nad Al Sheba to the west. Warsan is subdivided into two localities — Warsan 1 and Warsan 2. The community is sparsely populated and is predominantly industrial, with the Dubai Sewage and Treatment Plant located in it. The new development, Dubai International City, will occupy much of the community.
Warsan is a nice place to stay at.
by Arabqueen August 13, 2013
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