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Warren will win your heart quickly. He's funny, charming, sweet, intelligent, and fun to be around. He can be quite shy sometimes, and when it comes to dating, he sometimes needs the girl to make the "first move." If you ever run into a guy named Warren in your life, you should date him.
I hope you fall in love with a Warren some day.
"Look how sweet he is..." "I know, he's being such a Warren."
by HeyHeyHey9876 April 30, 2012
A town in west central New Hampshire with a population not more than 800. One of the littlest hick towns. Has a common which was turned into a skatepark by the local stoners. Come and visit it today you will not regret it.
Warren, New Hampshire
by warrenite4life October 02, 2009
To not consume or drink; leave behind more than 25% of a beer or beer flavoured beverage delivered from a bottle, aluminium can or plastic/glass bottle. To "warren" a beer.
To warren a beer.
"Is he leaving? Did he warren his beer"?
by Alexander6551 November 13, 2013
noun - an outstanding golf shot from a precarious position.
verb - to make an outstanding golf shot from a precarious position
Announcer - he's going to need a warren to make a par on this hole from that lie.

Announcer - Did you see that! He made a warren from the trap to birdie the hole and win the tournament!
by pingking February 17, 2010
Rhyming Slang for Keys, as in Warren G's.
I can't find my Warrens.
by Easy Larry March 09, 2009
Warren is possibly the best place to live in all of NSW, it has been described as the beverly hills of Australia.
"lets go on holiday to Warren"
by Alex pilluers August 23, 2009
Half of this town consists of stuck up rich faggots who walk like they have a stick up their ass. The rest smoke mad weed and pick up dat purp.
1: Hey man, wanna go to Warren?
2: Yeah! Let's smoke a blunt!
by L0lw4t5 April 29, 2011