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-An elementary school located in Fair-Lawn NJ.
-Many students have attended this school,however lets just name some of the historic people that have walked through these famous halls.
-The yakush's,the guerrieri's, the barzola's, and the burns's.
-Although many people already know it today,this school has some sort of a war with Radburn elementary school or also know as " radburnians".
-One thing that was in common with all the graduates from this elementary was that they all took two traits with them, there pride and loyalty for the school.
-But unfortunately they are all to over-confident with themselves
-Where the main staircase ( The Stoop) is the heart of the school.
-Oh lets not also forget about "the queen" of FairLawn attended this school.
-Some of the top B.A came out of this school to,smokers and packers.
Chase: hey wanna go too the stoop and pack?
Brett:As long as you provide.

Henry:you gonna get with her tonight?
Andrew:na dude i came from warren point im to good for her.

Austin:wanna go to radburn?
Will:shut up radburnian
by x0MYsTeRY0x August 16, 2009
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