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A person who logs off of myspace once a year to go to the Warped Tour. Warped Tour Trash may be of any race or sexual orientation, but are usually white, metrosexual, homophobic, and borderline rascist. A self proclaimed music lover who only goes to one show a year, as they refer to it, "Warped". Before warped tour comes to town, Warped Tour Trash will invite all their myspace friends to come to "Warped" with them. At the Warped Tour itself, if there are any good bands they will ignore them and go straight to the most obnoxious band playing and proceed to sit outside of the pit and push people. After the shitty bands get done playing, they proceed to buy their entire years wardrobe from the overpriced vendore. After the Warped Tour comes to a close, Myspace Trash will write extensive bulletins on their myspace, filled with exagerations and spelling mistakes.
John: Look at that kid at the edge of the pit with a "Boys Like Girls" shirt on pushing people when they arent looking and bragging about it to the girls he met on myspace
Bob: Warped Tour Trash
John: True dat!
by The Emissions November 10, 2007
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