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Wardsons Syndrom was first coined in 2009 when two young men by the names of Dan Ward and Ryan Abramson discovered they had a similar case of a rare eating disorder. This disorder entails having little to no appetite. Wardsons can be described as wanting to eat so badly but nothing in the world seems appetizing. It can be agonizing not only physically but mentally as well. There has been a number of cases of Wardsons where patients have commited suicide because of the mental toll that the disease took on its victims. Just because you do not eat a lot does not mean you have Wardsons. It is a rare syndrome that effects only about .068 percent of the population. It is normally found in a small town near cambodia but it is uncertain where the disease originated.
pete: "Yo jimmy dont tell people but im pretty sure alex has wardsons."
jimmy: "no way dude"
pete: "yeah i think hes fatal"

"I havent eaten yet today, i hope im not getting wardsons syndrome"

"eww get the fuck away from me, dont you have wardsons?"

"dude i just got diagnosed with wardsons"

"i have 3rd degree wardsons"

"dude my wardsons so bad im on a fucking feeding tube now dude i carry it to class"

"and this year for school chest deerfield highschool choses "the wardson foundation"

video of like kids with wardsons just sitting and they get home after baseball all the litle kids are eating like bagle dogs and shit and there is this one kid in the corner "hi im andy and i suffer from 3rd degree wardsons. it might seem like a easy thing to handle but when all my freinds are eating im stuck watching. i just dont have an appetite. please help kids with wardsons.... please :("

by Woodrow Wardson March 29, 2009
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