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n. A pinky promise done virtually, when you can't link your pinky to the other person. This can be performed over the phone, through a webcam, or even typed. Usually for a couple minutes after the Warcraft Promise both people need to tell the truth.
Person 1: "Repeat after me."

Person 2: "Okay."

Person 1: "Warcraft Promise."

Person 2: "Warcraft Promise."

Person 1: "To the plippity plappity."

Person 2: "To the plippity plappity."

Person 1: "To the flippity flappity."

Person 2: "To the flippity flappity."

Person 1: "To the Republic of {add name here}."

Person 2: "To the Republic of {add name here}."

Person 1 & 2: "May her ugliness be greater than the nontruth."
by Poncho Franzwarez December 24, 2009
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