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A war that was fought between all major European powers from 1701–1714. At the time, the Hapsburg Dynasty. Because the Hapsburgs wanted to keep power, the frequently in-bred with each other in addition to marrying members of other monarchies, such as France. Well, all this in-breeding resulted in Charles II, a king who was mentally retarded and couldn't have children. Since he didn't have a kid and the families had all inter-married, a bunch of people from other kingdoms started claiming the throne. A war broke with France and Spain fighting The Holy Roman Empire, Britain, Prussia, and a bunch of other countries. In the end, Louis XIV's grandson became King of Spain under the condition that he no longer had a claim to the French throne.
"What do you get when you mix a Spanish retard with a bunch of whiny French people?"

The War of Spanish Succession
by Adamantium69 June 19, 2008
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