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The War Buff is an individual who can be seen, (or perhaps daydreams of the day they will be), flipping burgers on a warm summer day by the lake. There will no doubt be a golden retriever running around with the kids. He'll take a sip from his Budweiser, and give a half smile as he breathes in that fresh American air.

The War Buff usually reveals himself in his high school days. He's a football player not afraid to stick up for his friends. However, if you poke fun at the War Buff, you will get a wicked tongue-lashing that will include him bringing up some kind of past shame or emotion.

The War Buff need not know anything about any war.
See that kid with the large yet gentle hands? He's gonna grow up to be a War Buff, no doubt.
by kmausm September 30, 2009
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