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A street-racing game designed by Namco and released in 2004. The game involves racing at sports-car level speeds on the highways of Tokyo. Players can purchase cards similar to those of Initial D: Arcade Stage, which enable them to tune up their cars and save their game progress and personal top times.

Players race on courses upwards of 22 kilometers in length; in time attack mode, they can insert additional credits to play on a course that combines the game's four courses into a 60-kilometer super-highway. One particular course features the Wangan Line, a straight stretch of highway that goes on for about 6 kilometers.

The game is based off the manga "Wangan Midnight," which was produced from 1992 to 2005 and revolves around a high school student named Akio Asakura. He is the driver of the "Devil Z," a "haunted" and legendary racing vehicle.

This game is also known as simply Maximum Tune or WMMT.
<Random person A> Hey, did you lose your money or something?
<Random person B> No, I blew it all on Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune.
<RPA> You mean that game that looks like Initial D?
by gs68 May 08, 2005
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