Abbreviation for the popular phrase among multiplayer gamers, "What a Noob"
by the4n_shadow November 03, 2009
wakk ass nigga
1: is he wearin air force onez?

2: he sure is

1: he is a wan
by lolas_bomb July 09, 2009
Pronounced as it is spelled, abbreviation for "What A Nerd"
This is used to point out the sheer nerdiness of
a statement or person
Man A:"Yo man, Imma get mad chicks tonight and bring up my girl getting gamerscore up to 10000 points"
Man B:"Dude, your such a WAN"

Man A:"Damn man thats the best looking girl ive ever seen"
Man B:"She doesnt look better than Zero Suit Samus though"
Man A:"Omg your such a WAN!"
by Jone-Z March 10, 2008
acronym for Whack Ass Nigga(s)
Person 1:yo there goes LemanJellow
Person 2:dont call him over here, he is a W.A.N.s
by Freddy G April 28, 2006
One that whines, complains or bitches about everything possible.
Wan-er: "This is a joke. This will never work. What a load of crap. Everything just sucks, sucks, sucks."
Normal person:(rolling eyes) "here we go again..."
by msb December 20, 2005
Term used in Ireland to denote disrespect.
Look at this wan, what a bleydin' who-or!
by BigNToasty July 01, 2005
WAN originates in Baltimore, Maryland. I called people wack ass nigger often and people didnt think too highly of it so I just made and short and unnoticable by saying WAN...sort of stealthy and ninja like it can be snuck up on people as you walk by them on the street or it can be loud as if to alert your friend someone wack is near by.
Dude that guy is the biggest wan i ever seenn just look at how tight his shoes are laced
by Martin September 26, 2004

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