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a high school in Cincinnati filled with highly intelligent students who are excellent at procrastinating. walnut hills students produce superior test scores with very little effort. known to the private schools as a scary ghetto place and to the public schools as the snob of secondary education.
"Dude, that kid is brilliant but suuuuuper lazy."
"Yeah, he goes to Walnut Hills High School."
by youwantgo March 17, 2010
A public high-school in Cincinnati, OH. Consistently ranks in the top 100 schools in America. Unlike other Cincinnati public schools, you must score at least a 70% on an entrance exam to be allowed to attend. Failing 3 classes will get you kicked out. Is considered, in Cincinnati, to be one of the top schools. It is full of liberal, hip, and diverse students. Your typical WHHS student is very smart but unmotivated; probably has ADD but doesn't take medication; yet still manages to attend a great university because of their superior intelligence, extracurricular hobbies and passions.

Many students are rich enough to afford a private school, but they prefer to stay at Walnut because it offers superior academics to any school in the tri-state, and it is filled with such a great student body. Graduating from Walnut Hills guarantees a great university, superior social connections, and a better taste of the world that private schools cannot offer.
Guy 1: "I am so glad I go to this snobby Cincinnati private school, where I can pray freely and am not subjected to the dangers of public schools."

Guy 2: "Actually, Walnut Hills High School offers a much better secondary education experience than any Cincinnati private school. You'll meet tons of great people; experience cultural, religious, and political diversity, and develop motivation for the rest of your academia and real life pursuits.

Guy 1: "Uhhh I don't know what you just said I'm going to go play lacrosse in my pink shorts."
by A. Hughman December 06, 2010
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