another name for Wal~Mart
Kids, get in the car. We're going to Wally World! While we're there we will: get our tires rotated, change the oil in the van, get our eyes checked, get hair cuts, get our portraits taken, fill our prescriptions, renew our fishing license, get groceries, buy new bicycles, TV and blue ray, get party decorations, have lunch, go to the bank, apply for a job . . . .
by tepeterman September 11, 2011
a slang-term or alternate for Wal-mart
I don't have anything better to do in this small hick town. Hey,I know I can go to wally-world(wal-mart)
by Lefty A.K.A left-eye August 07, 2009
Jon: Did you buy the toilet paper yet?

Dave: No, I still haven't been to Wally World
by Makeincubus August 22, 2010
A sarcastic and ironic word defining the dull-drum that is Wall-Mart.

Making Wall-Mart sound like it's an amusement park instead of that God Dammed Store will help increase the positive drive to actual go to Wall-Mart, and not the drive that makes you feel like a slave to an evil corporate empire, that lives solely on the life force of it's shoppers. Keeping a positive out look on life while in Wall-Mart will slow the life draining process.
ex1) Hay lets go to Wally World to get some food for are ____ ball party

(3 hours later)
O' shit we mist are own party because Wally World is so fun!

ex2) "I could stay at Wally World for ever because it's like being trapped at work." said the DMV worker.

"I say it's like being at home." replied Satin.
by FaheyFierce May 14, 2009
1. The amusment park in which the Grizzwalds fought through hell to get to.

2. What Wally Cleaver would tell chumps when they entered his turf.
1. Clark Grizzwald: "Hey kids, we're going to Wally World"

2. Wally Cleaver: "You better step just entered Wally World."
by D. Ferrel September 24, 2003
Wal-Mart, a large chain of hypermarkets
Wally world is apparently not a good roll model for treating retail employees well.
by The Return of Light Joker July 26, 2011
-What complete douche bags refer to walmart as

-The destination of the griswald family in in a classic movie that everyone should see
-Oh, i need to go to wally world. . . *gun fires*

"We're going to wally world kids"!!!
by jiujitsujack August 26, 2009

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