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1.(n)The event in which a Tracuer runs up a wall or high obstacle vertically in order to overcome and climb across. In a wall run the Tracuer will usually be able to take 3-4 steps up the wall before reaching maximum height in which they would have to reach out and grab the top of the wall in order to climb over. (Usual height obtained by a wall run is 9-12 feet, but some are known to "fly")
1. The Tracuer vaulted over the rail, running towards the wall he fluently issued a wall run up the 10 feet and climbed out of sight.
by Hangloose2002 February 04, 2007
A parkour/freerunning move in which the tracuer/freerunner runs parallel to a wall, jumps, and runs a few steps on the wall before falling back down to continue running.
He leapt and did wallrun against the wall before he slipped and busted his ass.
by Jack Moore May 29, 2005
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