to search through numbered files in an internet directory progressively by adding up or regressively by subtracting down from a starting point.
Every so often I'll walk through the nearly endless collection of vintage postcards archived at

I think it's up to 50000.jpg by now
by She Snailie _@_v September 28, 2004
What most people, especially children and teenagers, will do anything to avoid.
"Hey Mom, can you drive me to Alex's house?"

"It's only half a block away!"

"Aaaw, c'mon, I don't wanna WALK there!
by Claire D'Looney November 06, 2009
a task that is easily completed with success. Short for the expressions cake walk and walk in the park.
I'm not even going to bother studying, this exam will be a walk.
by jpro 3000 February 21, 2010
A code word used to describe the act of masturbation. which is when either a male or a female reinacts the movements of intercourse. customarilly used with a hand or the digits whether female or male.
how often do you walk
by tia May 07, 2005
To use the bathroom (urinate or deficate) and exit the bathroom WITHOUT washing one's hands. Essentially to "walk" out without washing your hands.
My boss is a confirmed shit-walker.

Dude, did you just walk?
by Kozar April 10, 2005
Walk: "Wo-hk"
1. To move using the legs in an upright position
2. A social activity with others involving excercise
3. A misleading term said to others whos true intention is to smoke marijuana. "See weed"
1. Lets walk home today!
2. Lets get some people together and go for a nice long walk.
by Kholdstare March 12, 2006
My friend and I were watching a Japanese movie and the subtitles said "I can still walk." I looked at the screen quickly and thought it said "I can still wank" (which, in British English, is basically masturbation, or onanii in Japanese ^_____^). Ever since then, "to walk" means "to masturbate."
"I'm going for a walk..."
"You WHAT?!"
by Chezzie December 14, 2004

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