means "boy" in arabic.
by Louda(P$K) July 06, 2009
Top Definition
A sexy, outgoing, athletic, funny, boy with a perfect smile.
by Hana90210 July 05, 2011
The greatest guy on earth, a sexy boy and a true gentleman. He looks good in everything he wears. His smile is so cute just like his face.
Look at Walid! I love him so much!
by Jacky Peter Anderson June 07, 2011
A sexy boy who is really outgoing and has a lot of friends.
Did you just see Walid? He is so hot. I want to be his friend.
by YourSexy Mom June 07, 2011
the sexiest man you will ever see. a pimp, someone who has a huge penis, and is a master at numerous sexual positions. hes a sexy, outgoing, athletic, funny, boy with a perfect smile and a lot of friends.
guy 1: did you see that guy?
guy 2: yeah hes probably a walid
by just that beast May 26, 2012
From Waleed (وليد) : Named after people who show off in public, lie to their friend and are skinny.
Synonymous : Jewish, Bastard.
Hi I'm Walid. I act like a douchbag but I'm skinny. I lie to everyone about everything. I'm lonely and I stalk my friends.
by WhatUp February 22, 2014

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