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1) The most common place to throw up. Walgreen's is convenient because most are open 24/7 and the bathrooms are so rank, no one will know you threw up.

2)A way of saying "I've got to throw up, watch out."
Emily: Why did youtake so long in the bathroom?
Erica: I had to throw up. . .
Jessa: Good thing we're at Walgreens, we literally tried on EVERY color of nail polish waiting for you.
Emily: Feel Better?
Erica: Much. I love the Walgreen's Restroom! Lessgo PARTY!!

Erica: GUUUYYYSSS FInd me a Walgreen's Restroom. FAST!!!
Emily: Oh no, she's gonna blow!
Jessa: Not on my carpet, she isn't!!!
by Pam Andy March 05, 2011

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