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A word noting disgust, aggravation, and/or anger. This word is used mostly in situations of annoyance, frustration, or irritation.

In common use some might preface the word(Walanya) with “Like a.” Nonsensical description of the world following "Like a," but before the word in question is also very common.
This word is always capitalized as to heighten written effect.
That Biology test was so Walanya!

Fuck, I lost my homework! Walanya!!!!!!

My car got stolen, "Like a Walanya!"

Damn girl! That cake tasted like a greasy bowl of Walanya!

Caleb: "OMG! My teacher was so Walanya today! He said he wouldn't grade my test because I was cheating. Lika a Walanya!!! I wasen't cheating I was just on the test, I was just on urbandictionary.com defining Walanya!"
John: "Damn, that is so Walanian!"

Paul your acting like a fucking Walanya, will you stop bitching already.

Shit, I have no gas... Walanya sctotum!
by habesha100 February 19, 2011