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An expression, made popular by appliance salesman Sam Pak of central Florida fame, to say that something is crazy or stupid. Wakkie Nunu is quickly becoming a popular and widely used expression by central Florida teens.
Wasting all of your soap and bleach money is Wakkie Nunu!!!!!
by PeepingHal July 24, 2006
An exclamation of extreme dissatisfaction when retirement money is going down the drain. It is often spoken when bleach and detergent neutralize each other.
Wasting all your laundry money is wakkie nu nu!
by Gee-day January 15, 2008
3. ) An exclamation of extreme dissatisfaction when you find out your are not going to get a salary increase this fiscal year.

Commonly used in Florida as a term to express your "pissed off ness"
We were just informed of salary freezes this fiscal year. That's Wakkie nu nu.
by coolhandluke2222 June 25, 2009
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