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A span in time preferably a weekend is Where one finds him/herselves So Stoned to fall asleep for odd hours to only awake in a lackidasical daze to only smoke again to sleepstoned that a Time warp of three days can mindfuck them to have completely forgot where the weekend went and how the fuck is it monday? type feeling... Thats A WAKE AND BAKE WEEKEnd!

Also Beleived to be Considered a Stoners "Religious Purification"
Like a christians sunday for worship.
Dude i don't remember anything about last weekend bro, i'm having lapses in time and all my cheesecake, bread, mustard, chips are spread everywhere and i may have cooked my cat...I dont know dude must have been my time for a Wake and bake weekend.
by JayPhiZzle March 20, 2011

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