White Artists From Out of State
We own a bar downtown, mostly we play WAFOS rock.
by Johnny Mitchell August 06, 2003
Top Definition
Retards who post frequently on WarriorForum.com

Also gay.
Fucking wafos.
#wagenheim #homofuckfaces #ugly avatars #peanut butter #cock
by joevis_of_wf June 04, 2010
Wait And Find Out - derivative of RAFO read and find out.
Why don't you just WAFO?
#wafo #rafo #wait #find #out
by Random3.15 January 20, 2011
(n)def. White artist from outta state.

What native, African-American Brooklynites call the suburban
post-hippie/alt/click/emo/rocker/indie-hop/stencil artists that fervently head for the Brooklyn,NY area from various mid-western cities, as to be immersed in the, NYC "hipster set."

syn.)(n) poseur.
Yo, we were at this loft party in D.U.M.B.O, and it was mad W.A.F.O.S up in that spot, real...
by Icey St. Ides July 03, 2005
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