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Professional Skateboarder.

One who is so totally sweet that he can beat guitar hero's extra-gnarly-super-extreme-hard level whilst kicking major ass at poker, building a badass fire, and growing a beard all at the same time. A Wade Vickers is always up for pounding beer- even when he is on house arrest and must breathalyze ever few hours (the Po-po don't own him!) He also likes doing flippies on his skateboard.

Dude, I was growing my beard out on the sidewalk today, and enjoying a nice 40oz, when this policeman got all up in my grill, so I whipped out my skateboard, did so many sweet flips and turns and grinds that it blew his mind and he didnt notice that I pyroed his cruiser. Then I skated home to play guitar was sooo Wade Vickers.
by KJack1984 June 28, 2006

Sponsored skateboarder featured on MTVs new show SCARRED
(May 1st, 2007 9:30 PM)
Wow, that dude just tried to do a mad jump and totally screwed his knee...reminds me of Wade Vickers.
by haterblocker April 09, 2007
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