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A term that describes mass terraforming in the game Minecraft. Coined by Jesse Cox on the Youtube Show RPGMakers Vol.2
"This is amazing, just watching you fly around and Wack the Earth into Perfection" - Jesse Cox
by MightyMortalRyback July 29, 2012
The act of "wacking" the landscape into a perfect form.
Dude, I ca't believe Jesse just can just wack the Earth into Perfection.
by TimbobJames July 29, 2012
We are going to wack the earth into perfection in Minecraft.
by saatanaperkele July 29, 2012
When terraforming in RPG maker's, you make the terrain so good you are "Wacking" it into perfection
Jim was doing so well at making terrain in our RPG maker he Wack the Earth into perfection
by vidmaster121 July 30, 2012

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