a slang term for masturbation or a hand job.
Dude, Jessica Alba was so hot in that movie, i can't wait to go home and wac arnold.

Tiffany strait up wacked my arnold in the line to get into Elitches, in front of a family and everything! Now shes a bad bad bitch
#slang #arnold #hand job #line #family
by Jack Meehoff2 January 13, 2009
Top Definition
A fast food chain that is proud to give young African-Americans an opportunity to serve their community, making them responsible for the welfare of their own environment.
"Yo I heard Calvin got a job at WacArnolds."

"Let's rob that nigga."
#dsfdsf #dsfds #df #sdf #dsf
by TenInchPlaya August 15, 2006
Another way to say McDonalds.
Dude lets eat at WacArnolds.
#wcarnalds #wacarnalds #wcarnolds #wacnalds #wacnolds
by Hans Alpsteg July 25, 2006
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