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A game where one person starts a story and than you go around adding to the story. Usually results in pretty funny stories. Can be played in person, or over the internet.
I spent 4 hours playing wabble with my sister last night! We came up with some pretty funny stories!

From www.wabblegame.com:
Love is a wonderful feeling. When love is in the air we feel hapiness and meaning in our lives. Love doesn't know boundaries. Love will save us from ourselves. When we are in love nothing in the world matters, we are free and lightweight, we float in the clouds. Some people are afraid of heights, some people are not afraid of heights:) But all people at least once in their lives are afraid of loneliness. That's why love is a splendid thing, love is the worlds best beautifier , even better than beer!
by peachslice September 22, 2010

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