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what would bob saget do?
hey what do u think i should do about my girl problem?

idk, wwbsd!?!?!
by solidsteel August 24, 2008
What Will Barney Stinson Do?

just like wwnphd and wwjd
rkn : man, i can't score that chick cuz i got no car!!

crom : dude, think wwbsd at such times!!
by Shinra-Rkn September 05, 2011
What would Britney Spears do?
Should I go skydiving or shave my head?

by almzz September 06, 2014
What would biggie smalls do?
Im so upset!!!! Well WWBSD?
I guess he would say.. "If I wasn't in the rap game. I'd probably have a key (kilo) knee-deep in the crack game. Because the the streets is a short stop. Either you're slinging crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot".
by MikeyWelcometomyworld September 24, 2012