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When you write while under the influence of a substance such as ale, beer, cocaine, vicodin, caffeine, etc.
Also means walking under the influence.
Psychictwat: Ignore me...I'm WUI!
Blog devil: Tell me more about this WUI, it sounds interesting.
Psychictwat: Well, I took a couple of pills and drank a whole pot of coffee and just started writing!
by Annaly Espinosa June 10, 2008
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Walking Under the Influence ( police code 10-51 )
Routine 10-28 on bicycle rampart division Los Angles.
Subject was wui ( Walking Under the Influence ) 10-51 out.
Roger that! subject mexican american.

Yo officer sir! I was just hang loose walkin my bike. Pooor favoor!.

Bend over put head between leg grab ankles walk 10 steps and count as you go.
Now Take breathalyzer test 10-4 out.
by itichie_nocanpo July 03, 2006
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