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WTZ is Czech internet slang term for "wo tom zadna" - in English: "without a doubt"
A: She is really cool!
by Mr. Eso August 21, 2006
What the Zuck? As in, What the Fuck, Zuckerberg?
My fan page isn't displaying wall posts from fans! WTZ?!?!
by jkrule September 15, 2011
Warp To Zero. Used in Eve-online.
Okey, let's jump guys. All WTZ
by Facerape June 03, 2007
WTZ- World Time Zone, similar to GMT and UTC., WTZ- World Time Zone, similar to GMT and UTC.
by Alexander Krivenyshev September 30, 2007
The word WTZ means WTF ( what the fuck ) but over the top
Jimmy: im an alien

Sam: WTZ?, ur lame.
by Sam daman September 25, 2008
Way to Zainy
something that is too unreasonable
Your ideas are WTZ.
by Fowler St March 05, 2008
Not an acronim for anything but is said when you want someone to calm down.
Hey man youre getting worked up, wtz, calm down, dont worry about it.
by Nate March 31, 2005

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