Every first Tuesday of the month is the official WTF Day.

Because sometimes you just have to say it, so why not make a day of it.
Did you know it's WTF Day today? Wait is that dude is wearing white pants!! WTF!!
#wtf #day #w.t.f day #wtf day #what the fuck day
by ChingasosMMA September 07, 2010
Top Definition
resolution of craziness that happens on a particular day, taking into account what has happened and deciding that she does not care anymore, summing up what has gone completely wrong and then feeling who cares? a day of {reckoning} then discarding the pain,
When she {figured} it all out in her head... she called it

WTF day. After thinking about everything that was insane, she decided it was WTF day. If you have a rotten job and are fired, then you can call it {WTF} Day or What The Fuck Day !
#resolution #vacillation #conclusion #day of reckoning #summation #totality #decidedness #who gives a shit
by madderenell August 24, 2009
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