Every first Tuesday of the month is the official WTF Day.

Because sometimes you just have to say it, so why not make a day of it.
Did you know it's WTF Day today? Wait is that dude is wearing white pants!! WTF!!
by ChingasosMMA September 07, 2010
Top Definition
resolution of craziness that happens on a particular day, taking into account what has happened and deciding that she does not care anymore, summing up what has gone completely wrong and then feeling who cares? a day of {reckoning} then discarding the pain,
When she {figured} it all out in her head... she called it

WTF day. After thinking about everything that was insane, she decided it was WTF day. If you have a rotten job and are fired, then you can call it {WTF} Day or What The Fuck Day !
by madderenell August 24, 2009
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