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kickstarter slang - originated as a typo for "woo hoo" in the comments section, it is now widely used everytime a stretchgoal is broken.
Derp - I just upped my Pledge so we hit the $465'000 Stretchgoal.
Joe - WOO GOO!
Ashley - Woogoo!!!!!
Sidney Rose - Woo Goo!
by General Zar November 01, 2013
"Woohoo", with a typo. In this case, a g.
It is "Woohoo" for geeks. Woog(eek)oo
Kind of a like owned/pwned right?
"I just beat level 14345765782!!"

by MiraPhoenix November 22, 2006
A yellowish-white secretion orginating from the scrotum of a four foot tall, middle-aged, chinese american, whose wife looks like Lance Armstrong.
Dude, did you just get out from under your boss's desk? Cause you got a lil Woo Goo on yo chin!
by Boofaman March 26, 2010
v: A woogoo is when you fuck a smoker through the hole in their throat.
Bob: Damn dude, did you know Tom is dating a smoker?
Trevor: No!
Bob: Yeah, he fucked her through the hole in her throat!
Trevor: HAHA! A woogoo!
by Wingdongwhitey March 08, 2009
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