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A mascot of an arrogant school known as WWH. The schools mascot, which only wishes they could sexually pleasure Coventrys mascot, but is in fact too trashy and std ridden. Around the school you will find a mixture of wiggers, whores, potheads and other miscellaneous ignorant people of this WWH species, who all have this weird idea that their welfare asses are better then Coventry. Oh but dont bash them, because you will either get mugged, jumped, raped or killed over it. West warwick, home of the scum bags, not the wizards.
Person 1: Hey girl, do you see the West warwick wizards over there??
Person 2: yeah, lets leave before they jump, rape, kill, sell us bad weed...
*2 hours and 593 reasons later*
Person 2: or even rob us!
Person 1: Wow, 594 reasons why West warwick is trash. Hmm. makes sense.
by WWsucks February 05, 2010