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A word used in web vocabulary similar to that of WEBCAST, WEBVAULT is generally a Web account located on a Web site via the World Wide Web that acts as a virtual vault. The WEBVAULT normally includes web based communities, hosted services, and applications such as social-networking sites combined with videos, pictures, documents, genealogy with the priority of the site being private. The WEBVAULT, though having the option to be public and or semi-public, is predominantly used for privacy and the safekeeping of anything personal that can be stored on the net with the option to be willed from generation to generation.
After the natural disaster I was thankful that we uploaded everything to, now we have all of our family pictures and videos safe in our WEBVAULT.
by Founder of WORLD WEBVAULT July 16, 2009
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Security features of encryption and protection in advance form of web storage.
protection in advance form of web storage is web vault
by s j tubrazy April 21, 2013

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