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As if the prospect of riding a way overcrowded short bus isn't embarrassing enough already as it is, try riding it with a fat retarded pedophile bus driver who has the motor skills of a toddler and an IQ of 78 himself (which is a very generous estimate). This fat disgusting pile of crap should've just dropped dead when he had that leg surgery or whatever it was that nobody even cared about in the first place. This sad excuse for a human being (also known as Frank) does not know how to drive whatsoever; he should have his license revoked immediately. Driving 45 miles an hour through a residential street and almost getting into an accident at least once a week is good driving to him. Not to mention, he always watches you through the mirror with those creepy pedophile glasses, making it a very awkward ride to and from school, especially if you're a guy since this freak of society is turned on by little boys and secretly wants to molest them in a dark room in his rusted out, windowless trailer where he lives. You can find this piece of garbage at your bus stop 5 minutes too early every morning, holding up traffic and then blaming you for being late in that incomprehensible mumble of his.
Little Johnny walking down the aisle of WCA Bus 78: "Oh no I dropped my pen! Guess I'm gonna have to bend over and pick it up!"

Bus driver immediately jerks his head up and stares through the mirror.
by Telling it as it is November 23, 2010
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