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The act of a "lady" aggressively orgasming until the point of female ejaculation. If the ejaculation occurs while the penis is still inside the vagina, and the ejaculation can only be described as a "waterfall" of liquid, then this equates to a WATERFALL COCK.

For the antidote for such an occasion, see Pumice Cock
Ok, so im pounding off this lady and we are heading for a mutual climax. All is well in my camp...

Suddenly we both peak, and to my horror she unleashes what can only be described as the contents of the local reservoir all over my innocent penis (waterfall cock).

Shes slides off me, revealing the vast lake of jellied STD's which spread from my upper rib cage right down to my kneecaps.

eg: Bill complained of having to sleep in Jenny's wet patch
by Randy Savage's Bitch October 30, 2005
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