White Anglo Saxon Atheist

also White Anglo Saxon Agnostic
Probably one third of the kids in my class as well as several of the teachers could more or less be described as being WASA
by dumptrux December 07, 2006
Top Definition
Weighted Average Sexual Age. The weighted average age of a person's sexual partners.

Calculated as the sum of (Age of partner x Number of sexual intercourses with partner) for all sexual partners.

It is expected that a cool adult male's WASA be less than his age.

An adult female's WASA should be 5-10% higher than her age.
Wade's WASA is massive....over 30! He loves his MILFs.
by JA1985 October 26, 2010
A word, used as a substitute adjective for whatever meaning the speaker may decree. The future of all words.
"Did you see that movie the other night, man?" " Totally, dude! It was so totally wasa!"

"What do you want to make for dinner tonight, hun?" "Hm..I'm not sure. As long as its wasa, I'll be happy"

"Are you up for another round tonight, buddy? Its gonna be rad!" "No man...I am wasa'd out...Maybe next time"
by JelSock May 17, 2011
Wasa is a fat illegal Mexican. Wasa loves tacos,enchiladas, & burritos.
i hear wasa's footsteps from a mile away
by eh yo zoey May 05, 2006
A name of a gay cs player in CS. Wasa is a cheating admin of pacnet who bans people who arent gay.
"Farking doma wasa is here :@ now we all have to be gay other wise we'll be banned :("
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
Wasa is a plague, everyone gotta beware if you know wasa is nearby
shit, smelly cunt
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
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