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stands for: White Asian By Association
Someone who is white and hangs out with an Asian, or thinks Asians are cool
1.Hey,WABA! Whats up?
2. Did you see my WABA walk by?
3. I think you should become a WABA, cuz your awesome!
by Hallory March 05, 2006
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A completely random word that can be used at any time. Normally in awkward situations or after someone says "rawr".
"I'm hyper! Rawr!"
by Babs_McGoogle September 18, 2008
i dont have any waba.
by rizzleonthemic August 25, 2009
someone who likes to play in dirty holes
jeremy is a waba
by clownfuck October 28, 2009
Waba is an acronym for What a Boomin Ass

It was pioneered by RZA of the Wu Tang Clan
A thick girl walks by and a impressed male would call to her "Waba"
by mr.ctabe October 21, 2009

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