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A fine institution located in the heart of Westbury, Long Island. This academy has been around for over 200 years and was founded by Sir Weldon Thorndike in 1804. Over the institutions lingering history, multitudinous amounts of awards and prizes briskly found it's way to Clarke's prominent Museum of Supremacy. Here you can find the Wright Brother's, two Clarke Alumni scholars, first airplane, as well as the Journal of the United States first president, George Washington. Again, a Clarke Alumnus.
The Museum of Supremacy is just a swift 10 minute walk from the Campus's main hall known as the JFK establishment.
Clarke's Campus is a total of 3 square miles. The largest learning institute ever to be built.

Clarke also has an undying tradition in the athletic field.
Clarke's Baseball team has won the past 25 National Championships. Clarke's Basketball team has played games all around the world, since they compete in the IHSAA (International High School Athletic Association).

Clarke's Financial Endowment in 2011 recored to be $555 Billion Dollars, an all-time low.
Clarke has a post-graduate population of 13,000 Scholars and a Professor population of 5,000.
Clarke's Average SAT Score: 2400 (obviously)
Mascot: The Lincoln Ram

The 1932 NY Yankees donated three baseball fields to Clarke in 1942.

If I were to continue to define Clarke's virtuosity, I would have to write perpetually since excellence is relentlessly being achieved at W.T. Clarke High School.d
Clarke Scholar: I attend W.T. Clarke High School
Random Person: *Remains Silent* (Bows Down while repeatedly saying, "Almighty Clarke Scholar, May your intelligent ability shine only greatness throughout this world!")
by Clarke Alumnus 1992 December 22, 2011
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