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Vulpine Acute Hooky is the most popular online chain letter today punching along all over facebook, youtube & other social networks by a friend of a friend's friend.

Kate Punch is a skinny little 12 year old girl w/black hair, dark blue eyes & pale skin sporting fun bright colorful make-up was gutted bloody rot in her sleep the night she started her period by a Creepy Hook-Handed Stranger who was madly infatuated with her… 4 she is the girl.

At the witching hour on Hallows Eve night u can hear the leaves whisper in trees like witches as the murderer chanted “Vulpine Acute Hooky” as he stabbed her bloody dead.

Kate wants revenge! Now that u have read this… in-between the click of the light switch, Kate Punch will enter your dreams tonight 2 hook u bloody rot 2 freaking hell!

Standing next 2 u beside your bed… there’s a fine line between Love & Hate… . staring at u with 1 blue bat of her spider lashes… u smell Candy Apple across her face & with her wickedly cheeky smile that plays around her lips, sharp & perilously, she’ll slice her finger upward with a crafty sharp hook… her bloody red finger dragging & bleeding the word “EVOL’ which is “Love” spelt backwards across your chest. With a twinkle in her eye, she’ll kill u the way the Creepy Hook-Handed Stranger stabbed her 2 death.

Unless, u comment this story to 10 different people, Kate Punch will not harm u. 1 out of 10 people you comment must start her period tonight. If not, you’re screwed… Kate Punch is coming 2 LovE u
OMG! Vulpine Acute Hooky! Kate Punch is coming to LovE youuuu....
by heDidAveryBadThing July 17, 2010
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