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verb. (sexual act)

To please a woman by spreading your hand in a V and placing 2 fingers in her puckered dumpling, and 2 in her meat wallet, then shaking vigorously until she cums. At the moment of orgasm, proclaim, "Live long and prosper!"

Not to be confused with star trekking, which is to have sex with an anal virgin, and thereby, "To boldly go where no man has gone before."
She looked pleased to meet me, but what pleased her more was the Vulcan Hand Shake.
by Antenna Wilde March 09, 2009
A sexual move where a man puts his hand into the Vulcan "V" shape like Spock from Star Trek - two fingers together to the right and two fingers together to the left with a V shape in the middle. Next, he places his thumb on a woman's clitoris, inserts his pointer finger and middle finger into her vagina, and inserts his ring finger and pinky into her anus. He then shakes his hand vigorously until she orgasms.
Bill: "Did you have sex with Rita?"
Ted: "No, but I gave her the Vulcan Handshake until she screamed for mercy!"
by Random Perv March 12, 2009
The act of two females uniting vajines in a punnanny wiggle
My crotch really burns after a vigorous vulcan handshake
by bigjfromva2 December 18, 2008

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