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Vonn Trapp is living an overly opulent lifestyle, typically beyond your financial means.

This lifestyle includes drinking copious amounts of alcohol, with a cavalier, 'i-don't-give-a-fuck' attitude. But being Vonn Trapp is about being a classy-as-fuck drunk as well, and simply being the life of the party!

To be Vonn Trapp, you must be classy, fun loving, be respectful, and ruthlessly protective of your mates at all times.

Think Ron Burgundy and Barney Stinson's lovechild... that is what it is to be truly Vonn Trapp.
Where the hell did you disappear to last night man!? Dude, I got totally Vonn Trapped, and woke up on the beach, it was epic!
by DerickkVonnTrapp March 13, 2012