A noun used to describe a derogatory statement or series of remarks you left on someone's voicemail without realizing you are being recorded. Often this results in the loss of a friendship, a black eye, and a slew of angry texts and phone calls from the offended.
Dan (forgetting to push the end call button): Jerry isn’t picking up. Guess we can't count on that mofo to hook us up with weed. If it were not for his awesome bud, I would beat his retarded girlfriend with a mud shark.

Rick: Yeah, I agree. His girlfriend does give good head though. When he was in jail for a week, I banged her like six times on HIS waterbed.

A day later, after receiving the voicetell, Jerry slices Dan's tires and punches Rick in the face six times.
by Marcy May November 11, 2009
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