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A powerful phrase from then-French President Charles de Gaulle to the people of Quebec, Canada from the balcony of the Montreal Town Hall in 1967.

Translating to "Long Live Free Quebec", it is considered by many to be Charles de Gaulle's semi-formal endorsement of the concept of Quebec sovereignty.

In the aftermath, Charles de Gaulle was forced to cut his visit short partially due to the outrage of the Canadian government at this statement. Since then, it has been a rallying call for supporters of Quebec sovereignty, as well as the Parti Quebecois, a pro-sovereignty political party based in Quebec.

It is widely believed that because of animosity stemming from this incident, then-Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau refused to attend a memorial service to Charles de Gaulle following his death some years later.
Charles de Gaulle: "Vive Montreal! Vive le Quebec! Vive le Quebec Libre! Vive le Canada Fran├žais! Et Vive la France!"

Crowd: *goes apeshit*


Parti Quebecois Member#1: "Je te vois a la prochaine assemblee. Vive le Quebec Libre!"

Parti Quebecois Member #2: "Je te vois la aussi, et Vive le Quebec Libre!"
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Words uttered by ungrateful shit disturber/French president Charles de Gualle in 1967 meaning long live free Quebec. Perhaps he was forgetting that thousands of Canadian men died fighting to liberate his own country, and that almost anywhere else in the world the FLQ would have been imprisoned or shot immediately as traitors to their country.
Charles de Gualle: Vive le Quebec! (long live Quebec), Vive le Quebec libre! (long live free Quebec).

Lester B. Pearson: WTF Charles!
by sddsa May 07, 2009
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